by Cory McKenna


TCC RADIO | TCC Phone Home (Aliens)

Aliens. Little green men, lights in the sky, people abducted, and other weirdness. What’s going on, Canada?

Reports of even our air space being violated, just add to the nearly 150 reports of U.F.O. sightings around the world every single day. Some 90% of these reports can be explained by natural or man-made things, but what about that other 10%?

TCC has abducted Gary Bates, CEO of Creation Ministries International (US) and CMI-Worldwide and author of bestseller Alien Intrusion, to help us discover the truth about who or what is really out there.

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Part 1: Sci-Fi in the Sky

How on earth did a subject with virtually no basis in reality get so “out of this world” in the minds of so many people? In this first part of our series, Gary Bates helps us see the big picture of how the science of fiction seeks to satisfy those who have knowingly rejected their Creator.

Part 2: Life, The Universe, Anything?

Have you ever considered what might motivate so many people to so passionately pursue the existence of extraterrestrial life? Is this obsession simply for the sake of “science”, or could there be something much more subversive happening? In this second part of our series, Gary Bates helps us biblically see the bigger picture and scientifically assess the possibility of life on other planets.

Part 3: Going Nowhere Fast

The concept of “warp speed” may be cool for Captain Kirk and hip for Han Solo, but how likely is it in real life? In this third part of our series, Gary Bates takes the wheel to fly us through the scientific realities of space travel before we open Scripture to set the trajectory toward the ultimate trip we all must take.

Part 4: They’re Here!

After spending the first three episodes of this series exploring several of the alien “mysteries” that simple observational science can solve upwards of 90% of the time, this shocking fourth and final part tackles the remaining 10% of truth surrounding alien phenomenon. What are the real and scary realities associated with this subject? The answers are out of this world … literally.

Experience (Unedited) Extras!

We talked to lots of people throughout the production of this series! Click on the audio files below to experience fascinating full length street segments and unedited extras and surrounding this subject of aliens, U.F.O.’s, and the Gospel.

TCC Radio Rep Cory talks with Josh

TCC Radio Rep Chris talks with Graham

TCC Radio Rep Eric talks with Ryan

TCC Radio Reps Cory and Chris talk with a group