Welcome to the Biblical Conversations Curriculum with The Cross Current!

Having served as a pastor since 2002 and an evangelist since 2007, I have had the privilege of personally equipping by example countless Christians and their churches to engage non-Christians right here in Western culture.

We all desperately desire for our unsaved family and friends to worship Jesus! However, with fewer and fewer non-Christians actually coming to church, our culture is becoming less and less Christian every day.

But how would our families, churches, communities, and culture change if every individual Christian was equipped and engaged for biblical conversations about Christ? That’s what the Biblical Conversations Curriculum is all about!

The 3 courses comprising this curriculum are modelled after the local missions ministry of the Apostle Paul:

In Course 1 we learn the doctrine and practice of evangelism. Participants will be equipped by example with the training and tools to get biblical conversations started by opening Scripture and sharing your gospel testimonial in correct historical context.

In Course 2 we learn the doctrine and practice of apologetics. Building on the foundation laid in Course 1, participants will be equipped by example to continue biblical conversations by again opening Scripture and giving a reasoned defense of your hope in Christ to those with whom you’ve shared the gospel.

In Course 3 we learn the doctrine and practice or citizenship. In conclusion of our curriculum, participants will be equipped by example to apply our rights of citizenship in specific situations where authorities interrupt biblical conversations so we can continue faithfully moving forward on gospel mission together.

This personal witness training system is designed to equip average Christians of all ages to simply open Scripture and confidently advance and give a defense for the gospel in culturally relevant conversation about Christ.

We thank God for your faithfulness and look forward to hearing His testimony of grace in and through you!

Until the whole world hears,

Cory McKenna
Founding President