To request participant access, please read the following carefully before clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Becoming a Gospel Missions Partner

This training site has been developed primarily for our gospel missions partners as one of many free gospel partner resources with The Cross Current.

To pray, give, and go with our ministry: CLICK HERE to become a personal gospel partner, and CLICK HERE for information on becoming one of our gospel missions partner churches.

Accessing as a Gospel Ministry Participant

Below are the costs for accessing both (evangelism and apologetics) courses and all downloadable course resources as a Gospel Ministry Participant (CAD dollars):

• Personal access (single participant) – $50
• Small Group access (up to 10 participants) – *$200
• Large Group access (between 11 and 20 participants) – *$500

*Small and Large Group access also includes a 1-hour private (virtual) coaching call with The Cross Current.