by Cory McKenna


TCC RADIO | Awaiting a Savior (Poverty)

Poverty. What is it? Jesus said that we will always have the poor with us, but what are we supposed to do about it?

Among other things, the “experts” recommend: giving, talking to the government, and engaging with others about this issue towards a solution. But do these responses really get to the core of the problem?

In this breakthrough series of TCC Radio, we’re working with preacher, author, and blogger Aaron Armstrong both in the studio and on the street to talk truth about how and when poverty will end … once and for all.

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Part 1: Exposing the Root Cause of the Poverty Problem

In this part 1 of our series we break ground by exposing the root cause of the poverty problem before sowing seeds toward a balanced, biblical response and solution.

Part 2: Dealing with the “Just Do More” Approach to Poverty

In this part 2 of our series we build on the foundation laid last time by looking through the lens of God’s grace to deal head-on with the “just do more” approach to solving the poverty problem.

Part 3: Tackling the Truth of When Poverty Will End

In this part 3 of our series we try and tackle the big question of what Jesus meant when he said: “The poor you will always have with you.” Is our Savior saying that poverty will never end … or is He saying something else?

Part 4: A Christian Call to Take Action!

In this fourth and final part of our series we wrap things up by issuing a challenge to all of our Christian listeners to take action toward true generosity and motivation. Let’s get “biblically busy” by setting our sights on Christ and eternity with Him!